Prodest is an improvement-focussed consultancy

Martin Harris is the founder and driving force behind Prodest.  He has spent a large part of his career improving how companies capture their value proposition in their commercial and legal arrangements.  His roles have typically included working with bid teams preparing tender submissions, dealing with any ‘deal-breaker’ issues in negotiations, and resolving claims and disputes.

Martin’s experience comes from working within industry, dealing with the same real world issues you face.  Prodest shares this experience in a “hands-on” approach that spans function and practice boundaries. We offer practical ways to:

  • maximise contract revenues
  • reduce risks – legal, scope, price, programme, etc
  • eliminate causes of loss and unrecoverable costs

We work with your team to optimise your whole transaction. We specialise in providing integrated solutions as seamlessly as possible.

Our experience will help you improve your company’s bottom line

Martin Harris

Martin Harris

Martin Harris - Principal

Martin Harris has held senior legal, commercial and risk management roles at industry leaders Downer EDI, ALSTOM, BHP, GHD and CMPS.

Starting as an in-house lawyer with an engineering consultancy, he learnt from experts about concrete spalling and fluid bed burners, soon earning the title of "bush engineer". He has spent his career applying his unique mix of skills to bridging the gap between the legal world and the realities of project execution. He has a thorough understanding of the business and operational imperatives of contractors and consultants.

Martin’s passion is distilling lessons learned into practical improvement measures. He knows the traps to avoid, the strategies that succeed, and the priorities in achieving the best possible outcomes. He is able to take care of the detail whilst keeping the big picture clearly in view.

Industry experience

Martin Harris has over 35 years’ experience working within industry.  Please click below for information about the companies he has worked for and positions he has held.

Engineering, Construction, Power, Transport

ALSTOM – General Manager, Legal & Commercial/Group Counsel/Director
Downer EDI – General Manager, Contract and Risk Management (Chief Legal Officer)
BHP Engineering – Corporate Lawyer

Consulting Engineering

GHD – Business Services Manager – Risk
BHP Engineering – Corporate Lawyer
Crooks Michell Peacock Stewart (CMPS) – Manager, Legal Services


BHP Minerals – Senior Lawyer

Engineering, Construction, Power, Transport – 19 years

Consulting Engineering – 9 years

Mining – 5 years