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prōdest v. advantage, benefit, profit. [Latin]

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Insight – over 33 years’ experience in engineering and construction

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Prodest provides integrated commercial, technical and legal support to contractors, consultants and equipment suppliers.

We are passionate about improving your bottom line.  We specialise in scoping and pricing your ‘value add’ and securing the best terms under which to deliver it.

We are an Australian consulting firm that is redefining the way you do business.


We apply the lessons learned from hundreds of projects in new ways to reduce your risk and increase your profit.

We can support you at each stage in the life-cycle of a project, from initial risk assessment, tender preparation and contract negotiation through to dispute resolution and close out.

We can also help your team achieve better outcomes through training, guidelines and tools.


Our Insight

We demystify the contracting process and help you find untapped profit in the way you deliver value to your clients.

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Our Services

Whether you need help with a single transaction, or wish to develop your competencies or systems, Prodest can help improve your performance.

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Our Experience

We draw on over 33 years’ experience in engineering and construction, living with projects from concept to completion as an industry participant.

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  • Insights
  • Perspective
  • Know-how
  • New ways to improve how your contracts perform

    Martin Harris

  • Addressing technical, commercial and legal imperatives seamlessly

    Martin Harris

  • Robust principles for risk allocation under any delivery model

    Martin Harris

Inputs to high-performing contracts

Contracts address a broad range of issues, each important in its own way.  From your perspective, the paramount issue is ensuring your contract accurately captures your ‘scope of work’ as agreed and priced by you.

Your ‘scope of work’ comprises everything you must do, price, program and provide for.  It can be found throughout the contract documents, not just in the technical sections. Defining and limiting it in contractual terms requires a combination of technical, legal and commercial inputs.

Prodest works with your team in a co-ordinated, multi-disciplinary approach.  We help you prepare a response and negotiate a contract that meets your business and operating imperatives.

And we never lose sight of the primacy of your ‘scope of work’.

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Engineering/Project Management/Estimating/Programming






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